Ellen o is a Brooklyn-based producer and vocalist.  Originally trained as a classical pianist and composer, she now writes with a vintage MPC and Juno-106, crafting tracks equally inspired by Chicago footwork and dense modernist harmonies. ellen o released her debut album, Sparrows and Doves in 2014 on Brooklyn label Gold Bolus Recordings.  ellen o is also a member of the experimental synth pop band, Erica Eso, where she plays synthesizer and sings. 


You/Sonata draws from influences of hip hop, and trap beats surrounded by swirling electronics and voices within deep pools of strange chords, and ominous beds of synthesizers.  The album features appearances by SHRAF (GODMODE), and Khallee, a member of the Chicago R&B collective JODY.  You/Sonata was mastered by acclaimed producer and engineer Daddy Kev.